It has been 27 years since we are established in 1987. We are specialized in the fields of designing and manufacturing dust collector, middle and low pressure fan, air pollution control equipment, as well as sales, servicing & repairs of steam control valves, steam trap and all water pumps. We have a very high reputation in these fields. Our clients have very strong confidence with our products. So, when they have some problems for dust collecting, gas transportation and distribution, selection and installation of steam valves and traps, or any trouble in marine pump diagnosis & repair, the name “Feng Guh” comes to their mind immediately. Recently, we also start our business in the field of micro steam turbine generator where both new and used generators are available. In addition, we are also a trading company. We export and import good products. If you have good products and need a good agency, you can consider us as your best partner in Taiwan. Best quality and competitive prices are the most important things that we promise for our customers. Great service and delivery are our insistence for our clients. Customers’ satisfaction is the policy of our company. We appreciate our customers’ trust and support in the near past 30 years. It will be our pleasure to build a business relationship with you in the future.:

1. Air-Cleaning Equipment

(1) Cartridge Filter

It is a world trend to use cartridge filter to replace the bag filter in the dust collector. We produce many kinds of filters including all shapes and materials. We keep developing new products.。

(2) Traditional Bag Filter

We provide many kinds of materials including PTFE、PPS、P84、FMS、NOMEX、PE.

(3) Bag Filter Dust Collector

We design and manufacture Bag Filter Dust Collector especially for high temperature usage. Recently, we installed several dust collectors for chemical factories for high temperature boiler. And the effect works very well.

(4) Movable Small Dust Collector

We can provide our customers vast movable small dust collectors in a short period of time. Motors range from 1HP to 7HP. they fit for bag filter and cartridge filter. Cheap and Practical.

(5) Control Accessories

Pulse electric valve and auto-wash controller , etc.

(6) Shredding Machine (Movable type / Unmovable type)

Shredder machine with high quality includes metal shredder, tire shredder, waste wood shredder, plastic shredder, etc. Fengguh can achieve every customized requirement and individual design for the customers' specification. Our customized product can save your money more effectively.

2. Steam Turbine Generator / Organic Rankine Cycle Alternator/ Cogeneration Plant

(1) Micro steam turbine & generator module (STG Power Plant and Cogeneration Plant)

500kW and 1000kW steam turbine alternator / Micro steam turbine & generator module. This is an ecologically designed steam micro‐turbine module for the utilization of the energy of the working medium, e.g. steam,  to be transferred  to electric energy. It has a solid steel frame which enables easy transportation, installation and maintenance without the need of using special tools. The module  contains all components for direct connection to the existing distribution  system. Connections of the equipment to the mains in  accordance with agreed  requirements of the customer are also provided. 

FungGuh is a consulting firm devoted to design and Implementation of cogen -eration programs, waste-to-energy systems and biogas generation systems. Our method of design emphasizes feasibility study as a way to establish the budgetary cost, economics of the energy systems, and selection of major components for the project our website, demonstrates our capability and mode of operation a power point presentation submits the feasibility study results to the client. A turnkey contract will be prepared for engineering design and Installation of the project on the decision of the client to go ahead with the project.

(2) Organic Rankine Cycle Alternator, ORC (Cogeneration Plant)

Fengguh is a leading company in development and production of ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) alternators. This equipment generates heat and power from renewable sources and heat recovery in industrial processes. The hot flow of liquid transfers heat through the evaporator heat exchanger to the refrigerant that boils then is expanded through the turbiner. The cool flow takes the heat out of the refrigerant to condense back to liquid through the condenser heat exchanger. The feedpump then pressurizes that refrigerant back into the evaporator and the cycle repeats. 


3. Agency Products

(1) ARI Valves (Germany)

Valves and steam/air traps.

(2) PENNANT (India)

Valves and steam/air traps.

(3) MIYAWAKI (Japan)

Valves and steam/air traps.

(4) GARBARINO (Italy- Authorized Agent)

Complete Pump Package for Marine and Offshore.

(5) Steam turbine Alternator

50 KW steam engine generator & Micro turbine generator module.

(6) Organic Rankine Cycle Alternator, ORC

ORC generator module & system.

“CES”(CONSULATION & ENGINEERING SERVICES) is the important procedure to every case that we take in charge of. On-the-spot investigation and communication are what we do to make a whole plan to solve problems. We care about clients’ success and profits. Feng Guh is your trustworthy partner in the world.